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Meet the candidates: May 3rd

The LVNA board asked Council District 5 candidates to respond to 11 questions in writing so that we may share them with you. The following attachments are each candidate’s answers to those questions. To read complete responses, download the candidates’ forms and use Adobe Acrobat to read the individual statements. You will be able to click each response and scroll through the entire text.

Stop density in our single family neighborhoods!

SB-9 is a proposed bill that would allow lot splits and additional units in single family residential zones without public hearing. Our neighborhood is extremely concerned about this bill significantly impacting our single family neighborhoods with specific concerns for:

  • Parking (additional parking allowance is not included in this bill)
  • Infrastructure (sewer, streets, water, storm drains, electricity)
  • Noise
  • Police and fire services
  • Impact on city’s budget
  • Environmental impacts

Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association is submitting a letter of opposition to the committees that will be voting on these bills.

What can you do?

The state is scheduled to vote on SB-9 on March 18th. We encourage you to write your own letters of opposition to our assembly members and to Senator Lena Gonzalez.

Please click below for a PowerPoint that we presented to Senator Lena Gonzalez that details our concerns with SB-9.

We need you, neighbor!

The Lakewood Village Association is looking for block captains.

What is a block captain?

A block captain is the main point of contact to assist the neighborhood with crime prevention.

What are the responsibilities of a block captain?
1. Personally introduce yourself to your neighbors to gain their participation in the program.
2. Have as many neighbors as possible fill out emergency information sheets.
3. Cooperate in educating neighbors on crime prevention through handouts or other determined means.
4. Encourage neighbors to report even the most minor crimes.


Please e-mail Don Chambers at

Caring For Our Community During COVID-19

Dear Lakewood Village Residents, as we navigate through these difficult times of uncertainty, we are proud of our community for respecting the guidelines of our city, state, and nation and for asking “How can we help our neighbors in need?”

While we “self-isolate” at home for the next few weeks, we may have more opportunities to talk to neighbors as they walk their dogs, take a stroll, or care for their yards. We can use this time to support our community by getting to know our neighbors and reaching out to anyone that might need additional assistance, especially the elderly.

Here is a template to share with our neighbors in the Lakewood Village:


The Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association thanks you for caring for your community and for your neighbors, and we wish you health and wellness.

Please join us at Mark Twain April 18th, 2019 6:30-8:30pm Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association (LVNA) Annual Meeting

Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association (LVNA)

April 18, 2019 – 6:30-8:30 PM

Mark Twain Elementary School Auditorium

 Annual Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Opening Remarks                                     K. Gharios

News about the 5th District                                              Councilmember Mungo

East Patrol Division News and Facts                               Commander O’Dowd      

Proposed By-laws Revisions and Vote                            K. Gharios

  •                    Articles II, VI, VII and XI
  •                    Article IV
  •                    Article III     


President                                                               K. Gharios

  • Monument Signs

Vice President                                                       L. Boland

  • Our communication platform
  • Dog Parade Project
  • Honoring Jerry
  • Call for volunteers for pending projects

Treasurer                                                              T. Whiteleather

  • Balance Sheet
  • Welcome basket project

Secretary                                                              L. Brewer

  • Neighborhood Watch signs

Government Relations Chair                                 D. See

  • Security Cameras
  • Parkview Village Sale
  • City College Infrastructures Improvements

Happy Holiday’s from LBPD Commander Patrick O’Dowd

Happy Holidays!

Sir Robert Peele wrote his nine Principles of Law Enforcement in 1829. To me, none of the nine ring more true than number seven:

The police at all times should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police are the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbenton every citizen in the intent of the community welfare.

Since taking over as East Division Commander a few months ago, I have been so impressed by the level of community engagement throughout the division, from the council district offices, to the community watch groups, business associations and neighborhood associations, I feel a real sense of connectedness.
Our four council district offices, led by Councilwoman Pearce in District 2, Councilwoman Price in District 3, Councilman Supernaw in District 4, and Councilwoman Mungo in District 5, have welcomed me and wasted no time getting me up to speed on the pertinent issues facing their communities. I work with them on a regular basis and find they are very effective in communicating the needs of their constituents directly to the police department. The council offices’ direct connection with the other departments within the city puts them in a unique position to obtain quick results. I encourage residents who are not involved with their council offices to make that valuable connection. You can find your council district office on the City of Long Beach website ( under the City Officials tab.
Another valuable connection I encourage residents to make is with one of their local community groups. There are dozens of community groups located in East Long Beach. Whether it is a neighborhood association, business association, community watch group or neighborhood coalition, getting involved and getting to know your neighbors is always productive and rewarding. I have attended numerous meetings and events hosted by these the East Long Beach groups. I have made new friends and formed relationships that help me better understand the needs of the community. Feel free to email the Long Beach Police Department’s East Patrol Division at to learn more about groups in your area.
East Long Beach’s collection of neighborhood groups focus on a variety of issues. One common issue is the challenge of how to relate to individuals who are experiencing homelessness. East Long Beach is filled with compassionate people who want to help others while also keeping their families safe and neighborhoods clean. During this holiday season of giving, please think about giving a “hand up” instead of a “hand out.” Our city has an interdepartmental team that is recognized as being on the cutting edge for finding long-term solutions for individuals experiencing homelessness. Please consider donating to one of several worthwhile organizations who are working to help the homeless as opposed to handing out money to individuals on the street. One such organization is the Long Beach Police Foundation’s Quality-of-Life Program, which can be found at Your donation will be directed toward finding lasting solutions as opposed to prolonging an individual’s ability to live on the street without accepting the assistance offered by local shelters.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in East Division a happy holiday and to thank all of you who are involved in your neighborhoods for your efforts. I truly believe the way to maintain a successful police department is through the support and involvement of the community and East Long Beach should be proud of their very active and connected community. Thank you for your warm welcome and have a happy and safe holiday.

Commander Patrick O’Dowd
Long Beach Police Department, East Division

LBPD East Div – Commander Holiday Message 2018

City to look at short term rentals (AIR B&B) and wants community input

Please take a look at the city’s plan to regulate “Short Term Rentals” better known as Airb&b.  We have a poll bellow to gather the residents of Lakewood Village opinion on the matter.  The council will meet Tuesday December 4th at 5pm at City Hall to discuss options. Click bellow to review.  Please feel free to put your own comments.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in our poll.

Short Term Rental Proposal




LB Post to Host Live Debate on Measure BBB (Term Limits) and 3 other Charter Amendments with Mayor Tuesday, Oct. 23.

“The debate, at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 23, will be broadcast live on Facebook and Twitter. After the forum, four curated videos of the discussion of each amendment to be posted on all social channels—including Instagram.”

Confirmed attendees include:

  • Mayor Robert Garcia and Auditor Laura Doud, arguing in favor of the charter amendments
  • Former Councilwoman Rae Gabelich and activist Corliss Lee, who will arguing against the amendments

LB Post write “We welcome and encourage your participation in this hour-long event, as we will be taking live questions from our virtual audience. We also invite your comments and feedback before, during and after the debate.”

The board of LVNA is not taking a position on any of the measures but we encourage all residents to tune in and participate in live questions.  We will stream it on our facebook page Click Here If you do not have a computer or do not know how to tune in email for step by step directions and or alternatives to receiving the information.





Update on Town Hall Meeting on Charter Amendments

Hello Neighbors!

Here are few articles and video from the Town Hall Meeting last week.

Long Beach Local News   Video coverage on the entire event

The board of LVNA is not opposed or supporting these charter amendments on the ballot.  We just want to pass on information and local media outlet coverage on them.


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