Monthly Archives: October 2018

LB Post to Host Live Debate on Measure BBB (Term Limits) and 3 other Charter Amendments with Mayor Tuesday, Oct. 23.

“The debate, at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 23, will be broadcast live on Facebook and Twitter. After the forum, four curated videos of the discussion of each amendment to be posted on all social channels—including Instagram.”

Confirmed attendees include:

  • Mayor Robert Garcia and Auditor Laura Doud, arguing in favor of the charter amendments
  • Former Councilwoman Rae Gabelich and activist Corliss Lee, who will arguing against the amendments

LB Post write “We welcome and encourage your participation in this hour-long event, as we will be taking live questions from our virtual audience. We also invite your comments and feedback before, during and after the debate.”

The board of LVNA is not taking a position on any of the measures but we encourage all residents to tune in and participate in live questions.  We will stream it on our facebook page Click Here If you do not have a computer or do not know how to tune in email for step by step directions and or alternatives to receiving the information.